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A. REGISTRATIONS / Participation / Customs

1. Applications for space which has to be signed by the applicant and is legally binding.
2. If the application is signed by the third party “e.g., representative” then this person is responsible for all the liabilities arising from the application and the participation in the
3. All Exhibitors will travel on Business Visa only.
4. All Exhibitors / Representatives will have to apply / acquire special pass at an additional cost.
5. Participating brands will have to declare all the merchandise / goods that are being brought to Nairobi at the Customs
6. Custom Duty will be levied as per Govt norms on all import of the merchandise


1. No Exhibitor is allowed to hold private previews 30 days prior to the exhibition & during the course of the exhibition
2. In circumstances; wherein the exhibitor is holding a private preview, then in case; the exhibitor shall NOT advertise it through public mediums like Print Media / Radio / OOH
(Hoarding & Banners); only promotion via personal invites is allowed.
3. It is at the discretion of the exhibitor to hold a private exhibition BUT should not promote the same during or pre-event on any public / mass, advertising & promotional
4 In case any of the aforementioned rules are not adhered to; then Organizers have the right to not allot the stalls & no refund will be given in the case.


1. The Organizers may, if required, under the circumstances allocate space in another position or slightly reduce or increase the stand size.
2. Organizers reserve the sole rights for confirmation of your participation and allotment of stand location.
3. Stands / space will only be reserved when a signed booking form and 50% non-refundable deposit is paid to the organizers within 48 hours of booking.
If the stand / space is booked within 30 days of the show date, full payment must be made within 24 hours of booking stand / space accompanied with signed booking form. On
receiving deposit for a stand / space the company is liable for the full cost of the stand.
4. Full payment must be with the organizers by two months before the show, failure to comply with the payment terms, even if 50% deposit has been paid, may result in the stand/
space being released and available to potential exhibitors.
5. The height of the stand and decoration material should not exceed 2.3m (7.5ft). Any stands/ space display exceeding this will require submitting their designs and will require
written authorization from the organizer prior to the exhibition. This is to ensure it is not to cause inconvenience, distraction and disturbance to neighboring participants. Failure
to comply will result in the exhibit not being allowed to be displayed and the company may be expelled from the show without compensation from the organizers.
6. On completion of the exhibition, exhibitors are responsible for removing their installations and articles and will be responsible for the fire extinguishers on their stands until
collected. Loss or damage to the extinguisher will incur a charge of 500$
7. Exhibits must be positioned in such a manner that at no time will intrude into the gangway to hazard visitors and fellow exhibitors.
8. The organizers are empowered to order the permanent cessation of a working exhibit or display if 2 or more adjacent exhibitors should make a serious objection to the noise or
any other disturbance resulting from such a working exhibit or display. The organizer’s decision is final.
9. The organizer reserve the rights to cancel the stand bookings approved on the basis of misleading or the false information or if the requirements for participation are no longer
met by the applicant.
10. All exhibitors must inform organizer of the services that will be displayed on their stand by completing the booking form.
11. No stands will be permitted to hang/ display their products on the name board panel or outside of their stand.
12. No name board can be displayed other than the name board panel supplied by the organizer as part of the shell scheme. .


1. The organizers do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to the exhibitor’s or contractor’s properties within the exhibition. The exhibitors are advised to have insurance for
all their goods before entering the exhibition hall. The organizer are not responsible for any theft or loss of the goods.


1. Price lists, leaflets and any other promotional material may only be distributed from the exhibitor’s own stand and not the public gangways or any other location within the hall.
2. Exhibitors are allowed to distribute literature on their own company. If an exhibitor is found to violate this condition they will be removed from the exhibition and the stand/
space closed.
3. The participants are not allowed to share stands / space with any other company/ person without the prior written permission of the organizers.


The Organizers reserve the right at all times to change the dates of the exhibition due to force majeure, without the participants being able to access the right to compensation of any loss. Registration cannot be withdrawn or altered unilaterally by the participants.
In case of any lock down in the host country or the organizers country, the advance stall rentals will be retained & shall be adjusted for the revised dates. For any unforeseen situation of Pandemic / Lock down, the Organizers shall reschedule the show any time within 6 months of the announced dates.


Arrangements have been made by the organizers for the cleaning of the exhibition area in general. However, the cleaning of the stands/ space will remain the responsibility of the exhibitor


1. The show is open to the general public and the organizers will not entertain requests from exhibitors whom they do not wish to attend through personal differences.

This Signature below is the acceptance, whereby I / We have understood the rules and regulations provided with this application and agree to abide by them.